Your Life, Winning or Losing?

We go to school so we can go to a good college to get a great job and have a great life.

Great Life = Winning

No matter what age you are WE, all humans, compare themselves to the next. We look at people our same age, same sex, same ethnicity, same culture, same job/career, and more to see are they doing better or worse than ourselves. We worry about if they have better grades, more money, a better car, higher position at their job, etc.

But my question is why? They are not us! Everyone is dealt different cards. And for my religious people, God has a plan specifically catered to you. You’re not from their family, maybe you didn’t do what they did or how they did it. So why would you think you both would have identical success?

All in all, stop asking why and stop comparing yourself to the next man/woman. Do what you need to do to get to where you want to be and utilize their process for tips and/or advice. All you have to do is do you.