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With his recent release of his O.N.I.F.C. to preparing for fatherhood, Wiz Khalifa has been a busy man as of late.

But while filming for Chief Keef’s “Hate Being Sober Video” Wiz and 50 Cent had a chance to chop it up.




There was nothing but mutual respect between the two as they discussed their careers and different ways to expand their brands.

According to HardKnock TV, Wiz sat down with them and said, “”We made a song together, and I was like, ‘let’s do a movie.’ And that’s basically how me and Snoop did our situation, we chilled and was like, ‘let’s do a movie.’ So I was like ‘let’s do a movie,’ and he’s like, ‘yeah, let’s do a movie, I’mma get this person involved, I’mma get that person involved.’ So just through time I think we’ll put it together and make it work, but it’s something I’m definitely taking serious as…

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