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President Obama honored the 2012 NBA championship Heat with a ceremony at the White House. Obama, a huge basketball fan and assistant coach of his daughters team, praised the Heat for their successful year and kicked it with Lebron James and Dwyane Wade like old friends.

During one exchange with the president, James asked if he was supposed to speak.

“Hey,” Obama said, “it’s your world, man.”

James stepped to the microphone behind the Presidential Seal and spoke poignantly of how humbled he was to be in the White House. “We’re kids from Chicago and Dallas, Texas, and Michigan and Ohio,” James said.

Then from the back, where the rest of the team was standing on risers, Mike Miller blurted “South Dakota.”

The East Room, filled with about 500 people, burst into laughter.

“And South Dakota,” James said. “And Miami. And we’re in the White House right now.”

Even for one of the…

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