The Triangle Offense


The sport of basketball is truly amazing. In no other team sport can the “who’s the best player in the world argument” be solved so organically. From Magic vs. Bird, Kobe vs. McGrady, Kobe vs. LeBron, to the moment that we have arrived to now, LeBron vs. Durant. One is a 28 year old, 6-9’ 270 pound locomotive, who is currently steamrolling through the NBA using a truly rare combination of Power, Speed, quickness, agility, handle, court vision, unselfishness and the ability to terrorize opponents with his defense. The other is a 24 year old 6-11 215 pound luminary, who is for all intents and purposes is an offensive Swiss army knife, who’s shooting, grace, and elegance often make it seems like he is just floating out there on the court. Durant and James are the two best players in the NBA by a wide margin, and they have no true…

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