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This one has been around for a while now. Girl is a champ. Lets get this statement out of the way: her ass is so big she can sit a cup on it. I’d say she’s the reigning champ, well…because I don’t know if there are any other contenders out there. UNTIL…

This girl:

Flip Cup Gif

She has a bit of a handicap here. It’s a gif and we don’t know how many times this took. It’s also looped really well so the mesmerizing factor plays a role. I like to pretend she’s actually just doing that over and over.

I think it’s kind of a toss up but I’ll give the slight edge to blue cup girl. Seems like she’s mastered her trailer park talent, where red cup girl is still in the minor leagues.

Who takes the cake? Do we have a new champion in the butt flip cup showdown? Vote below.

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